People love to travel.  The jobs listed below are perfect for people who just can’t remain in one spot for a period of time.  You may think that it’s not possible to hold down a well paying job and have the opportunity to travel the world, but you would be wrong. 

You have to find the right job that allows you to see the world and make a living at the same time.  Here is a short list on different occupations that might spark your interest if you are a world traveler who doesn’t want to sacrifice moving around.


  • Flight Attendant

Working in the field of flight attendance, you always have the opportunity of traveling to various countries and places, but it all depends on the airline that you work in. This condition means that there are variations in the amount of time that you can get to explore various places that you go.

If you like traveling, and you want to start being a flight attendant, it’s advisable to communicate with flight attendants from several airline companies and get to know where they usually go to and the amount of time that they take between one destination to another. A person that is experienced with excellent customer service can quickly land a flight attendant job even with just a secondary school certificate and statistically speaking, the average annual wage of flight attendant workers is roughly around $50,000.

  •    Commercial Airline Pilot

If you have always dreamt of getting three to four free days, where you can easily visit different cities in various countries over the course of the year, but with a bigger salary than that of a flight attendant, then it’s high time you became a pilot. The more studies you get in a piloting course, the better position you are in of landing a better paying job that has numerous routes which means that you get to go to various places during the year.

On average, pilots have a wage bill of $106,000, and it is projected that the job vacancy in this field will remain constant for the next few years.

  •    Geologist

The moment you are employed as a geologist for any stable oil company, you regularly tend to travel expansively, going wherever the company reports that oil may be found in any part of the world. This case also applies to companies that have ventured into the mining industry. In this type of company one day, you may be off to Uruguay in search of gold and the next month went to Kenya to search for copper.

Geology is one of the most paying jobs in the world if you like traveling, and the average annual salary is around $90,000, and it is projected that in the future there will be a high rate of employment in this field.

  •    Cruise Ship Jobs

If your fantasy has always been traveling via sea from one corner of the world to another, then you should target working in a cruise ship. Some of the positions that you can get in this field are cooking, bartending, dance-hosting, and lecturing.

Cruise locations are numerous in the world today, and the earnings and the qualification requirements needed depends on the position that you are applying for. However, one thing that you are granted for free is having lots of fun.

These jobs are perfect for travelers who like to experience different parts of the globe. Sometimes you may be even asked to relocate because of the job opportunity, and when you do, you’ll want a reliable moving company to help you move with ease. You can do a quick search to find local movers near you when you decide to take the plunge and apply for one of these jobs.